We just didn’t have castles like this where I grew up. Car garden. A for effort. Under construction. You don’t love your roses enough unless you build them a trellis like this. Advertisements

My Greek neighbors scream at each other from the second story window over the trellis. Constantine also has hung plastic bags in his tree to catch cherries apparently. This tower balcony is around the corner. I never noticed it until I looked up today. Enough said. Syrian orthodox church in West Roxbury. Notice the syriac […]

Architectural Details and Gardens: Note the carvings on the trim. That’s what gets lost when siding is put over it. People: Boston Skyline from Peters Hill Best sledding hill ever: Best Sledding hill ever (from the bottom) An interesting root formation. I always wondered how it was consistently full of water until one day I […]

While biking to work or walking with Clem the dog:

Friends, the weather and a lost camera have kept me from giving you the recent posts you so desire. Well, I found my camera and decided to give you some delicious cooking ideas made with ingredients from our favorite Roslindale stores. The pasta is wildly easy. Use any type of noodles you like. In a […]

Friends, my hope is to use this site to document and share various interesting features of the Roslindale neighborhood of Boston with the wider world. Most of the observations will come from my walks with Clem the dog.