Easy Food from Roslindale Shops

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAFriends, the weather and a lost camera have kept me from giving you the recent posts you so desire. Well, I found my camera and decided to give you some delicious cooking ideas made with ingredients from our favorite Roslindale stores. The pasta is wildly easy. Use any type of noodles you like. In a separate pan, put some oil, along with all the veggies you yearn for. In the photo, you see cherry tomatoes, green, red, and yellow peppers, onions, and mushrooms from Bob’s Pita Bakery. The cheese is Pecorino Romano from the Boston Cheese Cellar.

For dessert, grab yourself a Bosc Pear at Bob’s Pita Bakery, and cook it in a Riesling from Alex’s Liquors. Add honey, cinnamon sticks, orange rind, and bay leaves (available at Village Market) to the sauce. Baste the pear(s) every quarter hour until they get soft and start to wrinkle. (I must credit discovery of the recipe and food arrangement in the photo to Miss Juliana Da Silva.)



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